Tax Planning Service


Your Business Analysis

The acquisition of VAT number (such as VAT Registration number, etc.) is required in the following cases when involving European countries; for companies willing to do imports or exports and also for companies willing to sell their services or goods within Europe. We will analyze your business scheme from a tax point of view. Then as a result, we will decide if there is a need or not for your company to request for VAT number.

Strategy of Tax Planning and Documentation

After we did a business analysis of your company, we would create a tax strategy matching your company’s real needs. For example, if you want to decrease as much as possible tax costs, or if you want to simplify management of tax, or again if you want your ERP system and tax system to work together efficiently, etc. Once OPTI fully understand your business outline, we will be able to provide you with consulting sheets with strategic draft and tax rules.

Tax Strategy Execution

We have to analyze your business, once you have developed a strategy, we will implement it with a business taxation approaches. For example, a change into supply chain of goods system, etc., could be relevant. We can support your company going global from the point of view of international indirect tax.

Necessary definition of International Indirect Tax

Global Businesses are concerned by various taxes from foreign countries, not only indirect taxes, but also direct taxes. Under such circumstances, ERP system of global businesses needs to be change for a more accurate one, since tax rate will be different from one country to another or since if a transaction is crossing national borders it will become a cross-border transaction.

We support worldwide sales of App

In a case where you want to sell your App worldwide, the treatment will vary greatly whether if it is free app or if it is a paid app. For paid App, you might in some case need to fill appropriate VAT return in the customer’s country. We perform various tax support services for our client companies willing to sell their App in the whole world.


Simplest form of Tax analysis (Conclusion : Is VAT registration required?)
  • Thanks to this cheap package and after hearing your company’s business scheme, you will be able to know if your company need a VAT registration or not. This plan is provided upon advance payment.


Overseas EC operations Tax Strategy Planning
  • We can draft many tax strategies whether your company’s operation within EC will be crossing borders or not, such as for Amazon platform abroad.

  • During our first meeting, we will hear about your business outlines in order to provide you with the best tax strategy.


Creation of Tax Strategy + Consulting sheets + Systemization
  • We will develop a strategy adapted to your business.

  • We will do suggestion for a system adapted to your business.

Case 1~ App sales case

A company sell electronic services related to Animation movies and manga to domestic and international customers. At that time, the company asked OPTI, an International indirect tax expert, for its consulting services in order to design a pricing strategy including tax for each market place. The company think about explaining the investors so they comprehend all the patterns, whether it is selling contents to a high price to more than 100 countries from the company’s website or from Google, Amazon or Apple’s website and others. Since OPTI has a wide range of knowledge regarding those sales data, we were able to appreciate tax impact of pricing decision of our customer. We felt comforted that we had support to comprehend overseas tax matters regarding global sales of electronic contents such as apps, movies, manga, database, etc. (Client Company D: EC Sales Business)

Case 2~ Trading company case

A company was purchasing machinery equipment from Italian supplier, then they purchase associated equipment from Spanish and Chinese suppliers, and everything had to be assembled by a German manufacturer. The Japanese company would then deliver its assembled machines to their own client factory in the Netherlands. In such case, the company was not sure about how taxation should be applied. By using OPTI’s tax planning services, they were able to understand the connection between their business and tax. From now on and thanks to those knowledge, we believe they will be able to implement a more strategic supplier sourcing. (Client Company E: Trading company)



Until now, if we had to talk about VAT, we would only think about “VAT Refund”. But after we started our business in Europe, we considered that we had to understand how exactly taxation should be applied, so we asked OPTI to support us with tax planning services. There are various consulting companies existing, this company was able to explain what another expert company was not able to explain. We were spared from damage using their business skill, in particular, thanks to their experience acquired through various past cases.

Major company of manufacturing industry

  • High knowledge about taxation 93%
  • Having a Japanese contact person feels better 85%
  • To help me choose amongst several companies which ones were the best for my taxation scheme 75%
  • The price is reasonable 72%

Survey Results

We ran an opinion poll among our customers to understand why they trusted OPTI Inc. and used our Tax Planning service (See bar graph). We, OPTI Inc., perform various taxation analysis and strategic draft whether it is consulting for government administration or to help selecting the best logistic scheme for a company.  So for your company, request Tax Planning from OPTI Inc.
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