VAT Registration Service



Tax Scheme Analysis

The acquisition of VAT number (such as VAT Registration number, etc.) is required in the following cases when involving European countries; for companies willing to do imports or exports and also for companies willing to sell their services or goods within Europe.

We will analyze your business scheme from a tax point of view. Then as a result, we will decide if there is a need or not for your company to request for a VAT number.

VAT Registration?

You will be requested to acquire a VAT number if you are willing to sell your services or goods within European Community, but also if you are willing to do imports or exports in Europe.

Among other things, we support EORI Registration and VAT Registration in the 28 EU Member States.

VAT Return?

Once you have a VAT number in a European country, you will need to submit tax returns to the local tax authority you registered in. In addition to those tax returns, you will also need to do various statistical declaration and bookkeeping.

We, OPTI Inc., offer you a unique support for those mandatory matters.


If you are willing to do business in Europe, you will need VAT numbers. You acquire those numbers to be able to notify the other businesses that you are a trusted and compliant company.


The VAT number has become the passport of foreign businesses in Europe. When you plan to do business in Europe, know that those numbers are required. In many cases, you will only need VAT number from 1 country. In other words, when you show those numbers, it is like showing your company’s passport.

Months to get VAT Registration in average

We support VAT Registration in the 28 countries of European Union

VAT Registration Procedure of some EU Member States


Standard VAT rate is 20%. In most of the cases, you will need VAT registration.


Standard VAT rate is 19%. You must have VAT Registration in many cases. Time to get VAT registration might be long.


Standard VAT rate is 23%. Time to get VAT Registration is short, but there is many documents that are required.

Case 1~ Cross-Border EC Sales

The company had planned to sell goods to EU countries using Amazon UK platform. Since VAT Registration is required, they used OPTI Inc. services. In order to perform VAT Registration, many documents were required, but by thoroughly following OPTI Inc. instructions, we were able to complete VAT Registration. Now that we are VAT registered in UK, we also want to do VAT Registration in France.
(Client Company A: EC Sales Company)

Case 2~ Manufacturing Industry

The company would purchase goods from German companies, then resale it to a Japanese trading company and the goods would eventually be delivered to a Polish factory. For this case, they sought for information from OPTI Inc. since they heard that VAT Registration was compulsory. After receiving analysis of our business scheme from OPTI Inc., we realized that in reality we could select some of the countries were we would have to do the VAT Registration. We did VAT Registration in the countries where VAT Registration process would be the easiest, when it was possible. Now, we still rely on OPTI Inc. to take care of monthly VAT Returns.

(Client Company B: Manufacturing industry)



During a meeting with a European company, we asked them what should be done for legal and tax compliance and that’s when we heard about VAT Registration. From this moment, in order to do VAT registration, we sounded a few companies out. At that time, we received the best explanation, but also the most competitive price quotation from OPTI Inc.
Concerning VAT registration, since OPTI Inc. has a lot of experience, they would always explain us clearly each point that we did not understand. As a result, we were able to get VAT registration number quickly and without encountering any particular problem. In addition, OPTI Inc. would also take care of our periodical and mandatory returns. Since our European project was only temporary, we had to do VAT deregistration. But if we have to do VAT Registration again, then I think we would like to use OPTI Inc. services again.

Mister Azuma,

TOMOE Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • High knowledge about taxation 93%
  • Having a Japanese contact person feels better 85%
  • To help me choose amongst several companies which ones were the best for my taxation scheme 75%
  • The price is reasonable 72%

Survey Results

We ran an opinion poll among our customers to understand why they trusted OPTI Inc. and used our VAT related services (See bar graph). Our company perform VAT Registration in many countries on a daily basis. So for your company, request VAT Registration with OPTI Inc.’s support.

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