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EORI Number

Economic Operator Registration & Identification Number is mandatory for any company (or individual person) willing to do imports or exports goods into the EU. This EORI Number is use to identify yourself and your shipments at EU customs. Be careful, without this ID number your shipment will be hold by customs authorities until you provide them with your EORI Number.

If you are willing to sell goods using AMAZON UK (or any Amazon European Platform), ask OPTI Inc. to support your EORI Registration.


One feature of AMAZON you might want to apply for is Fulfilment By Amazon. It means that your items will be hold into one of Amazon centers in Europe, but the ownership of goods will still be yours until you sell them and then Amazon take care of packing and shipping sold items to the client on your behalf. You should know that if you apply for this feature, let’s say in Amazon UK center, you will have to register for that UK VAT number.

Threshold Observance

You might want to benefit from EU Distance selling rules, where you can sell goods to whatever EU country without the need to VAT Register as long as you don’t exceed the EU country VAT threshold. But that registration threshold is not applicable to non-EU company, except when that non-EU company supply its products using warehouse located in one EU country, such as Amazon UK FBA Centers. So only one VAT Registration might be needed for you. Ask OPTI to support your VAT Registration and learn more about EU VAT threshold.


In order to provide you with more accurate and faster services, we rely on local UK Accountant, specialized in VAT. Our Partners deal with VAT and foreign companies on a daily basis, just like us.


We provide our services for companies as well as for private individual. Please check our many plans and pick the one that suits your Business and yours needs. Or just ask OPTI Inc. to study your business scheme and help you choose.


Months to get VAT Registration in average

We support VAT Registration in the 28 countries of European Union

VAT Information of some EU Member States


VAT name: TVA Standard VAT Rate: 20% Reduced VAT Rate: 10%, 5.5% and 10% Distance Selling Threshold: EUR 35,000  


VAT name: VAT Standard VAT Rate: 20% Reduced VAT Rate : 5% Distance Selling Threshold: GBP 70,000
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VAT name: USt, MwSt Standard VAT Rate: 19% Reduced Rate: 7% Distance Selling Threshold: EUR 100,000

Bronze Plan

UK VAT & EORI Registration Only
¥/in UK
  • This package is basic, it contains only UK VAT and EORI registrations. But remember that VAT returns are mandatory for compliance, so you should do them by yourself every quarter. Also, if you decide to sell to other European countries, you will be entitled to other kind of compliances. We can review your VAT forms completed by yourself for ¥25,000/VAT returns (Offer only available to Customer that bought our Bronze Plan)

Silver Plan

Regular Plan for sellers using AMAZON UK and doing UK local sales only.
¥/the first year in UK
  • This package contains VAT & EORI registration + VAT return*4, the required features for UK local Sales only. Furthermore, the VAT & registration process is one time fee, so next year will be cheaper, about ¥125,000 the following years. Please tell us if you will be using FBA and if yes, tell us if you are willing to sell in other European countries. Threshold might applied, once reach you will need to register to other countries (Registration in other European countries is different, please ask OPTI for quotation).

Gold Plan

Regular Plan for B2B sellers using AMAZON UK
¥/the first year in UK
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    Case 1~ Cross-Border EC Sales

    The company had planned to sell goods to EU countries using Amazon UK platform. Since VAT Registration is required, they used OPTI Inc. services. In order to perform VAT Registration, many documents were required, but by thoroughly following OPTI Inc. instructions, we were able to complete VAT Registration. Now that we are VAT registered in UK, we also want to do VAT Registration in France. (Client Company A: EC Sales Company)



    During a meeting with a European company, we asked them what should be done for legal and tax compliance and that’s when we heard about VAT Registration. From this moment, in order to do VAT registration, we sounded a few companies out. At that time, we received the best explanation, but also the most competitive price quotation from OPTI Inc. Concerning VAT registration, since OPTI Inc. has a lot of experience, they would always explain us clearly each point that we did not understand. As a result, we were able to get VAT registration number quickly and without encountering any particular problem. In addition, OPTI Inc. would also take care of our periodical and mandatory returns. Since our European project was only temporary, we had to do VAT deregistration. But if we have to do VAT Registration again, then I think we would like to use OPTI Inc. services again.

    Mister Azuma,

    TOMOE Engineering Co., Ltd.

    • High knowledge about taxation 93%
    • Having a Japanese contact person feels better 85%
    • To help me choose amongst several companies which ones were the best for my taxation scheme 75%
    • The price is reasonable 72%

    Survey Results

    We ran an opinion poll among our customers to understand why they trusted OPTI Inc. and used our VAT related services (See bar graph). Our company perform VAT Registration in many countries on a daily basis. So for your company, request VAT Registration with OPTI Inc.’s support.

    Try OPTI Inc. for your VAT Registration solution


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